Satellite Internet Equipment

Satellite Internet Equipment

Satellite Internet equipment usually consists of outdoor unit (satellite dish and transceiver), indoor unit (modem) and power cables. Maritime equipment has additional indoor units - control unit for automatic pointing and UPS.

There are three types of the satellite Internet equipment depending on where it is mounted.


This type of equipment is mounted on buildings and its position is fixed.

On the move

This type of equipment is mobile and land based. It can be either mounted on vehicles (drive-away) or assembled and positioned wherever you need it to be (fly-away).


This type of equipment is indented for vessels and oil and gas platforms. The dish is located inside a radome.

Advantages of satellite Internet

  • Always-on connection
  • Easy to install and use
  • Global coverage
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Use multiple devices
  • Flexible packages to suit your needs


Broadband access, enterprise networks, cellular backhaul, communications on the move, MPLS network services, VoIP/video/data trunking, SCADA, video surveillance, satellite news gathering, business continuity, remote office communication, remote videoconferencing, Internet cloud services, emergency response.


Houses, small offices, enterprises, government, military, homeland security, law enforcement, media and broadcasting, telemedicine, energy, mining, private vessels, commercial vessels, cruise ships, yachting industry, gas and oil rigs and platforms.

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