Sangoma hardware

Sangoma Technologies Corporation
is the premium provider of PC-based hardware and software for proprietary and open source based data and telephony transport solutions.

The company develops and manufactures voice and data communication products, including the award-winning Advanced Flexible Telecommunications product line, comprised of the most scalable and reliable telephony and data cards in the industry.

Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV: STC).

With certifications and distribution partnerships around the world - Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and both North and South America - Sangoma continues to bring innovation, scalability and higher density solutions to the global telecom market.

Open Source

Sangoma hardware and software are fully operable using open source-based platforms, such as Linux and open source telephony (OST) projects such as Asterisk®.

Sangoma quality was instrumental in improving the reliability of Asterisk so that it became robust enough for enterprise implementations, as opposed to merely an open source project for hobbyists. Sangoma is recognized as the innovation, quality and reliability leader in this market.

Data Transport Market

Sangoma’s traditional data products still provide connectivity in the world’s most critical networks. For years, Sangoma products have supported standard Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols, such as TCP/IP, X.25, Frame Relay and SDLCunder all popular PC operating systems.

For anyone who wants to improve security and reliability, a Sangoma card eliminates the need for external routers and other boxes—possible sources of security breeches and other hardware failures. Sangoma hardware can also be integrated into other unique data connectivity solutions, such as ruggedized units, point-of-sale solutions or lottery terminals.

Sangoma Products & Support

Sangoma products have always had a reputation for quality. Sangoma provides premium hardware and software products that enable telephony and data transport applications, including legacy PBX, IVR, auto attendant, next generation gateways, media servers and application servers.

Sangoma has engineered its product lines in a unique modular fashion that results in high reliability, better performance and improved compatibility. The resulting savings in product support has allowed for a greater level of engineering involvement to solve any issues that do arise at no cost to the customer. This level of support cannot be found elsewhere.

Sangoma also offers customers a lifetime warranty with a money back guarantee.