iQsim S100 Router

iQsim S100 Router

S100 Router
is a SMS Messaging Router which offers SMS connectivity to enterprises, enabling them to use SMS as a way to communicate with their customers and partners. It is capable of both sending and receiving text messages, thus creating a real two-way communicating channel.

S100 Router uses standard HTTP, SMTP and SMPP protocols. It requires IP connection, SIM cards and proper GSM coverage for usage and is a plug-and-play solution with web-based configuration which ensures quick and easy setup on customer premises.

iQsim S100 Router Usage

S100 Router manages notification providing enterprises with the real-time status of the SMS sent and received by end user. It can send up to 8 simultaneous SMS with a throughput of 96 SMS/min.

S100 Router is a great solution for One Time Password, SMS notification, e-survey, voting campaigns, alerting applications, advertising, promotions, healthcare and banking applications, etc.


  • SMS functions: SMS in/out, SMS sent and delivery notifications, SMS reply, SMS flash
  • Protocols: HTTP, SMPP, SMTP
  • Administration: web-based
  • SIM cards: 1 per Port
  • Call Detail Record (CDR): stored in local file

Download Datasheet iQsim S100 Router

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