iQsim CR50 Router

iQsim CR50 Router

CR50 Router
is an IP/GSM or ISDN/GSM router providing two simultaneous calls to mobile phones. CR50 connects the PBX to the public GSM network and allows the transformation of a landline-to-mobile call to mobile-to-mobile call. This way telephony costs are reduced up to 50% without any loss in the quality of calls.

It is easily installed on the existing PBX, compatible with both ISDN and IP PBXs, and it has web-based administration.

iQsim CR50 Router Usage

CR50 is a router between IP/GSM and BRI/GSM networks, it can route calls from one network to the other, in both directions according to advanced routing rules. In addition, CR50 can be configured to send overflow calls to the fixed network. CR50 has 2 quad-band GSM channels enabling 2 simultaneous GSM calls to any network’s mobile phones.

CR50 is installed and configured in a few minutes without service interruption for users. It can be integrated in the network transparently connected between the PBX and the PSTN, on a dedicated BRI link or by IP through SIP trunks.

Voice features

  • Outgoing Calls (per SIM or per prefix routing)
  • Incoming Calls (Direct Extension, IVR, Call Through)
  • Routing SIM card by SIM card
  • Callback

Download Datasheet iQsim CR50 Router

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