iQsim SIM Rack

iQsim SIM Rack

iQsim SIM Rack
is a 2U hot-swap chassis which allows you to manage up to 256 SIM cards, that can be inserted/removed at any time during operations. It can hold up to 16 SIM boards, each containing up to 16 SIM cards. SIM Racks are an effective solution for centralizing SIM cards in order to swap them quickly and easily according to your business needs.

One or multiple SIM Racks can be connected to IRON SIM Server One or IRON Suite to provide additional SIM card storage.

Key features

  • Remote SIM access over IP
  • Hot swappable SIM Rack board
  • Up to 256 SIM cards in a 2U rackable chassis
  • Support GSM SIM and USIM cards
  • SIM Storage capacity for Call & SMS Termination
  • IP connection monitoring
  • Dynamic IP reconnection
  • Dynamic SIM swap

Download Datasheet iQsim SIM Rack 256

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