Softclients are a Critical Component of a Unified Communications Solution

Published March 22, 2023 09:50

When the day came that we all “had” to work from home, everyone learned how important a phone system client became (whether it was a mobile one, or a desktop one), because that was how we continued to talk to people and keep the business running– because our business phone number could be called, or we could call out on the business phone number – from these clients. And then the clients that integrated chat and video took center stage. Today, this is all part of a typical Unified Communication solution, including those from Sangoma.

However, as we start to return to the office, will the importance of these clients diminish? I’ve definitely started to see articles about how especially the mobile client experience may not be the best.

It seems unlikely that client importance will diminish. First, some form of hybrid work seems to be here to stay, as discussed in this article from Forbes. Employees will always be working remotely in some fashion, whether it is from home or from another location. Employees like it, and while there is some debate about it, it seems organization output is not impacted, though organization culture might be impacted. So, while everyone now needs to come back from the cool place they moved, they likely don’t have to go into the office every day.

And second, just like always, technology will “solve” any problems. We saw it 20 years ago when VoIP first came on the scene. There were issues and they were overcome. And we’ll see it here as well. 5G is one technology that will certainly play a role in improving the mobile client experience.

Getting back to the clients. So yes, they will remain even more important. And we’ll need to keep innovating them forward since they’ll remain an ever-critical part of a business communication system

Jim Machi

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