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iQsim Enterprise products

iQsim has a range of enterprise mobile communication routers that create an entirely new way of communication with customers and business partners. Also, they are a great way of reducing telephony costs by transforming landline-to-mobile to mobile-to-mobile calls that work within the networks of any carrier.

iQsim routers hook up to existing infrastructure (legacy or IP) eliminating the need of upgrading or changing company’s PBX and providing seamless integration with enterprise applications through standard HTTP, SMTP and SMPP protocols. With web-based administration, their usage is very easy.

Among iQsim range of routers are products for small, medium and large enterprises, depending on the needs in terms of traffic and number of users.

Purposes for which businesses can use these routers are numerous: SMS marketing campaigns, One Time Password, SMS notification, e-survey, voting campaigns, alerting applications, healthcare / banking / hospitality / call center applications, etc.

S100 Router

CR50 Router

CR250 Router

CR400 Router