About Us

Who we are

First Telecom group of companies was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Athens Greece and has subsidiaries in Serbia and the UK. Our extensive channel partner network covers the South East European market.

We are focused on carrier services, highly specialized telecommunication products, niche and highly specialized software solution as well as on distribution of world-known IT/IP brands.

We live and breathe telecommunication. We love open source. Our eyes, ears and hands are our people. Together we are innovating, evolving and growing.

What we have developed so far

Squall - boost your bandwidth

speakSIP - next generation VoIP network

Stock Serializable - Tryton module for warehouses

PBXaki - open source mini IP PBX

BridgeIT family - open telephony gateways

But, enough about us. Let's talk about you!

What we can do for you

You have trouble finding all the equipment and services for your business.

You want to start a business but not sure what IT/IP equipment you really need.

You want to scale up or down existing software solutions.

Your budget is tight but you still want high quality.

You want full control telco platforms for your business.

You want to add new features and functionalities to the existing infrastructure with little effort.

You need a customized turnkey solution but cannot find it.

We listen.

We understand.

We respect your time and budget.

We value your ideas and needs.

We support you.

We go the extra mile for you.

We create solutions.

We deliver results.

Who has already put their trust in us

Telcos | System Integrators | Operators | Public authorities | Small, medium and large public and private enterprises

Where to start

VoIP phones

VoIP gateways

GSM gateways

Telephony cards


ERP software

Satellite Internet

Voice Termination

Border Line

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