iQsim M800 Gateway

iQsim M800 Gateway

M800 Gateway
is a standalone IP/GSM Gateway with embedded IRON SIM Server technology. The M800 handles up to 32 GSM calls simultaneously and manages up to 192 SIM cards to any of its GSM ports.

On a single unit, the M800 combines GSM gateway, SIM card storage unit and SIM Server. This gives an ideal solution to start a call termination business in a professional and safe manner. Besides call termination, M800 can be used as a bulk SMS solution.

After a few configuration steps, M800 is ready to take traffic through SIP and to route calls to the most appropriate SIM card. The M800 intuitive administration interface is fully web-based to pilot your gateway from anywhere.

M800 embeds all the IRON SIM Server technology to protect company’s SIM cards from being cut-off such as Hunting Calls detection, IMEI management or HBS.

iQsim M800 Gateway Web Interface

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M800 fully controls prepaid or postpaid SIM cards usage. The first time they are inserted in the gateway’s SIM trays, SIM cards are automatically activated for a specific service or tariff. Once ready to use, M800 allocates SIM Cards to GSM ports and periodically controls their remaining credit. If a prepaid SIM card credit becomes low, M800 either recharges it online or removes it from routing to recharge it offline.

Key benefits

  • Configurations available: 16 ports/96 SIMs or 32 ports/192 SIMs
  • All-in-One Compact 3U Size
  • Gateway with IRON SIM Server technology
  • Any SIM to Any Port
  • Ready-to-go GSM Gateway for Call Termination
  • Support Bulk SMS simultaneously

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