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iQsim IRON Suite Mobile Termination

iQsim provides a range of SIM Servers products for small to large customers. Their SIM Servers are based on the same technology: IRON Suite. Depending on the needs, iQsim provides a Ready-to-Go solution or a carrier-class redundant and scalable product.

IRON Suite
, iQsim’s SIM Server technology, is a result of 10 years of experience in Virtual SIM Management, and offers the most advanced and flexible solution to terminate voice calls and Bulk SMS worldwide while maximizing your revenue on Call & Bulk SMS Termination services.

IRON Suite end-to-end solution components

  • IRON Suite Appliances
  • GSM/3G Gateways
  • SIM Racks
  • Web-based Management Interface

IRON Suite functionalities and services are implemented via three intelligent, rule-based engines that are at the heart of iQsim’s SIM Server technology.

IRON SIM Manager

iQsim IRON Suite SIM Manager

SIM control

  • Always use the right SIM at the right time
  • Up to 256 SIM cards per SIM Rack
  • Highly scalable architecture: Up to 50000 SIM Cards
  • Specifically designed for multi-operator and cross country deployment
  • Maximize SIM price plan usage

SIM protection

  • Random/Unpredictable simulation
  • SMS/Text, Call and Voice Box queries
  • Web dashboard to manage events
  • Configuration integrated with IRON Suite

IRON Service controller

iQsim IRON Suite Service Controller

  • Call routing with the most appropriate SIM
  • Real-time GSM port supervision
  • Centralized CDRs
  • GSM gateway configuration time reduced by 70%
  • Call processing time reduction (PDD)

IRON SMS Manager

iQsim IRON Suite SMS Manager

  • Manage Notification & Delivery Report
  • Call and SMS termination simultaneously on same equipment
  • Highly scalable architecture: Millions on SMS routing
  • From 1 port to thousands
  • Flexible API to interface with third party application

Key benefits

  • Simultaneous Bulk SMS & Call Termination
  • Optimal SIM Selection & Credit Usage
  • Built-in Human Behavior Simulation
  • Call Spam Automatic Blacklisting
  • Real-time Robot Dialer Detection
  • Recharge & Promotions Management
  • Built-in Multi Provider & Multi Country
  • Scalable, secured, end-to-end solution

Download Datasheet iQsim IRON Suite

Download iQsim IRON Service Controller Q&A

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