BridgeIT mini

Open-telephony... Open your mind. Unchain your Asterisk!

BridgeIT mini is your first option when calling Skype contacts. No more hassle, no more hidden costs, no more complexity. Get ready to discover open-telephony by integrating Skype to your office or home environment.

  • Friendly interface.
  • Plug & Call.
  • Easy contact management.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • All-in-one using a Green technology appliance.
  • Can support 10+ concurrent calls.
  • Scalable autonomous solution for more concurrent calls.
  • Fast ROI by reducing your telecommunication\infrastructure\power costs.
  • Native integration for Skype fans.

Fast deployment. Easy to use. Money Saver. Are you ready?

Bridge It Mini

Use it to make or receive calls. No need for special hardware. Plug & Call from your office or SOHO, without changing your equipment or calling habits. BridgeIT mini will fit into your infrastructure transparently.

Employees can benefit from it by calling Skype contacts for free. SkypeIn functionality included for those would like to get their Skype calls using their local telephone. Linux Core will proof your system's stability, will maximize performance and enhance Skype experience while you can enjoy easiness of use.

Still not convinced?

Use ANY SIP enabled devices, or even soft-phones to call Skype contacts. Get missed calls from your local IP phone, without changing your calling habits.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum capacity for appliance: 10+ concurrent Skype calls.
  • Scalable solution for more concurrent calls according to your needs.
  • Supports standard SIP protocol to allow IP PBX connectivity.
  • Interoperability with all SIP capable devices and softphones.
  • Connectivity with: Asterisk, Pbxware, Pbxaki, Freeswitch, FreePBX, Elastix, Trixbox, PBX-in-a-Flash or other SIP enabled PBXs.
  • Supported codecs over SIP: G.711U, G.711A, GSM.
  • Send / Receive CLI as a contact.
  • Skype callers can be directed to any SIP enabled device or destination.
  • Linux-based Core for maximum performance and stability.

Why BridgeIT mini? 

  • Fast ROI. Save on installation, maintenance and power consumption.
  • Autonomous Green technology hardware.
  • Increase the added value of your PBX services.
  • Get connected to Skype community.
  • Restful API for further development and integration

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Manufactured in the EU

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