iQsim CR400 Router

iQsim CR400 Router

CR400 Router
is a mobile communication router that provides to the enterprise a convergence platform for ISDN, Mobile and IP telephony. Suitable for SME or large enterprises, the CR400 helps to reduce telephony cost by transforming landline-to-mobile to mobile-to-mobile calls and increase enterprise communication efficiency by providing new way of communicating with customers and partners such as FAX or SMS.

It has a unique pass-through capability which enables a seamless integration within the enterprise existing infrastructure. No need for upgrading or modifying existing PBX.

CR400 has up to 16 GSM channels and can support up to 2000 users.

IP, ISDN and GSM networks connectivity are managed transparently by the CR400, offering the enterprises a set of network-independent telephony services.

CR400 offers a backup link for voice traffic on the GSM network in case of ISDN network failure.

iQsim CR400 Router Usage

CR400 brings to your existing telephony platform value-added features such as SMS in/out, FAX, callback, or call forwarding. In addition, CR400 provides the Fixed-mobile One Number feature which enables any user to receive calls and FAX on their landline or DDI number.

With ISDN, VoIP and GSM interfaces as well as advanced telephony capabilities, CR400 provides enterprises with the next generation telephony system.

SMS features

  • SMS In/Out by HTTP, SMPP 3.4+ or SMTP(email)
  • Notifications (sent and delivery)
  • SMS Reply, STOP (unsubscribe), SMS Flash
  • SMS Marketing Campaign (option)

Voice features

  • Multi-network Voice routing : VOIP, GSM, ISDN/R2
  • Incoming/Outgoing calls, Callback by call or SMS
  • Last caller
  • Easy interface with legacy PBX

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