GSM Termination products

iQsim Gsm Termination products

The iQsim gateways offer an optimal density of up to 32 GSM ports, support simultaneously SIP and H.323 protocols and accept VOIP calls from the IRON Call Manager.

The Voice quality level combined with the fast Post Dial Delay (PDD) maximizes the Average Call Duration (ACD) to provide end-users good service quality.

The iQsim GSM gateways are natively remote SIM enabled, i.e. they are deployed SIM-Iess. They can be connected to IRON SIM Management architecture in order to take benefits of advanced SIM Routing, SIM Management and SIM Protection features.

If you seek for the products for Call and SMS termination, here you will find the right ones. iQsim delivers 2G/3G GSM Gateways and state-of-the-art SIM card management solution to maximize revenues made out of the call termination and bulk SMS business.

The iQsim solution is SIM plan “centrix” and centrally manages SIM card lifecycle through the steps of Allocation, Routing, Protection, Monitoring and Credit Control thanks to the IRON eVS© technology.


  • SIM plan "centrix"
  • Enhanced Virtual SIM functions
  • Call/SMS Central routing engine
  • Unique IRON eVS© Technology for efficient SIM cards management
  • Gateways from 4 to 32 GSM ports
  • Integrated or Cloud SIM Server solution

M100 Gateway

M400 Gateway

M800 Gateway

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