Gps Antennas

Poynting low profile series of antennas (LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS) Puck or MIMO, can be an excellent solution for trucks, trams, busses, RV, campers and other transportation methods.

True omni-directionality. The radiation patterns at all usable frequencies ensures that the antenna radiates equally in each direction, 360 degrees around its axis. Poynting also ensures that the energy is radiated there where base stations may be expected (not into the sky or into the ground).
The variation of the gain measured on each frequency is optimized across all bands and kept as low as possible. This is to secure optimal performance in each direction.
All antennas in the housing is isolated, to reduce interference and negative influences

The MIMO-3-V2 will keep you connected whether you are travelling in remote areas (through the mountains or at the seashore), but also in large cities and urban areas. Whether you are taking the high-ways or the country roads “anywhere and everywhere”, a Poynting MIMO-3 antenna will keep you connected.

If your connectivity is less critical or you are traveling in areas with better signal, the PUCK antenna will be a really good choice and will outperform most other available solutions in terms of connection reliability and overall performance for mobile or fixed installations.