BridgeIT Family

BridgeIT family consists of two members - BridgeIT and BridgeIT mini. These are open telephony gateways with purpose of reducing your telecom infrastructure costs in an easy way. They are developed by First Telecom.

How BridgeIT and BridgeIT mini reduce your costs?

First, you do not need any additional hardware – BridgeIT uses your existing PBX system. Each of these gateways is the only piece of equipment that you will require.

Second, they convert your calls to cheap or even free ones. Once you integrate it into your system, depending on the gateway you choose, your calls will be made free or at a small portion of the cost of traditional voice providers.

What’s your flavor?

Which of these two gateways you’ll choose depends on your needs. If you wish to integrate only Skype calls into your office or home environment, then you should choose BridgeIT mini. BridgeIT mini is best for SOHOs.

If your needs exceed Skype calls and you wish to integrate SIP and TDM calls as well, then go ahead and choose BridgeIT. If your company has an analog voice infrastructure, then BridgeIT is the easiest and most cost effective way to fully take advantage of the power of VoIP.

What these two products have in common?

  • Made with love and tested with care by First Telecom
  • Money savers
  • Easy to deploy
  • Usage of existing telecom infrastructure
  • Your dialing habits remain the same
  • Web GUI

Detailed information on both gateways you can find on these links

BridgeIT mini