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What does Zulu UC integration bring?

Zulu Uc Desktop Mobile Integration

Zulu is a desktop and mobile integration that brings Unified Communications features to PBXact and FreePBX phone systems. It is based on WebRTC technology. Zulu makes collaboration tools available through a single application that can be...

Sangoma IP phones for Switchvox phone system

Sangoma D Series Ip Phones

Sangoma D series of VoIP phones is a result of their last year's Digium acquisition. The phones are designed to work exclusively with Switchvox phone system. They work with FreePBX, as well.

They feature plug and play provisioning, meaning once...

Unboxing satellite internet equipment

Unboxing Satellite Internet Equipment

We have unboxed modem and TRIA (transceiver) units. Modem is an indoor unit while TRIA goes outdoor. The third part is a satellite dish. We took photos of it after the installation in a quarry.

Upon opening the modem box

Modem For Satellite Internet Box

In the box

  • Modem
  • Power...

Snom A150: new model of DECT wireless headsets

Snom A150 New Dect Headsets

Snom A150 wireless DECT headsets are among the smallest and lightest in its class. However, they don’t lack the functionality a user would expect.

Wideband audio and passive noise cancelling microphone are some of the features this headset has.


New Snom D717 IP phone in black and white

Snom D717 Black White

The freshest entry-level phone from Snom was launched last week – Snom D717 IP phone.

The phone features HD audio quality for which all Snom phones are known, and 6 SIP identities.

D717 model has a color display equipped with ambient light sensor...

Multipurpose servers: NethVoice and NethSecurity

Nethesis Appliances

NethVoice and NethSecurity can be two things – open source software solution and appliances with preinstalled open source software solutions.

The shortest description for the software part is as follows

  • NethVoice is an open source IP PBX
  • ...

World backup day

World Backup Day 2019

World backup day is on March 31.

This is just a friendly reminder for you to backup all your files, be it business or private. Keep all your data and memories safe. :)

You can backup your files somewhere on the internet (a cloud storage of your...

Sangoma s206 IP phone replaces s205

Sangoma S205 End Of Sale

Sangoma IP phone s205 has End of Sale (EOS) status as of February 19, 2019. It will be sold until stock lasts.

The support for s205 will end on February 19, 2020.

Sangoma IP phone s206 is replacing s205.

The improvements that s206 has compared to...

Introducing OrecX – call recording software

OrecX Call Recording Software

OrecX call recording solutions are the latest addition to our software portfolio. Behind OrecX – with headquarters in Chicago – is a team of people who are in call recording business since 1987. Today they have millions of users in more than 190...