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Do data backup and upload give you a headache?

Do Data Backup And Upload Give You A Headache

Backing up your data can and usually is a time consuming process, especially if we are talking about large files. And if by any chance you have to do it regularly, as is the case in most companies, then the pain is real. The problem is the same...

December 10 - International shareware day

International Shareware Day

International shareware day is celebrated on the second Saturday in December. It serves as recognition to all the programmers who spend hours and hours creating programs that will make all of our lives easier or more fun.

The premise behind this...

New Vega 3050G analog VoIP gateway from Sangoma

Vega 3050g Front And Back

Vega 3050G is the newest analog gateway that has 50 FXS ports and supports up to 50 simultaneous calls. It's a replacement for Vega 5000 that is officially discontinued.

Optionally you can add expansion board for up to 2 FXO ports that can serve...