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FreePBX appliances comparison

Freepbx Appliances

In this table you can find comparison overview of some of FreePBX appliances features.

Appliance Users / calls Management
FreePBX 40 40 / 30 1x Serial Console (RJ45), 1x VGA 4x RJ45 n/a
FreePBX 60 60...

New: DC201 DECT solution from Sangoma

Dc201 Dect Solution From Sangoma

Sangoma released its first DECT phone system – DC201 – that is designed to exclusively work for FreePBX and PBXact. This solution is a good fit for small businesses and employees who need be on the move, like administrators, warehouse workers,...

IPTV platform for hotels

Flowr Iptv Platform

You are a hotel manager and you want your hotel to stand out from the competition so you can earn five-star reviews, attract new guests and keep them coming back. To achieve all these, your service must be excellent.

Today’s guests expect that...