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How to protect my VoIP/UC network

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What is toll fraud and should I be worried?

Toll fraud is an unauthorized use of a phone system to make long distance calls without the intention to pay or stealing minutes from an enterprise VoIP network and reselling them.

A report published by...

s205 and s705 – the latest Sangoma’s VoIP phones

Sangoma Phones S Series

s205 and s705 are two new models of s series VoIP phones from Sangoma.

If you observe the s series phones as a scale starting from the device with the fewest features, s205 is at its start and s705 at its end.

All the phones have common features...

New conferencing solution at a promo price

Snom C520 New Product

Visitors of Snom’s stand at CeBIT that was held in March were among the first people to see C520 WiMi conferencing solution. Back in August, we announced that this new cost-effective conference phone is coming and now this device is available for...