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Unboxing FreePBX 40

FreePBX 40 box label

Upon opening the box

FreePBX 40 box

In the box

Ball pen for scale

Really small and really cute

FreePBX 40 size in ball pens

Cables and mount plate

FreePBX 40 cables and mount plate

Front view

On the front side you can see 3x...

White IP phones from Snom

Snom White Phones

At this year's CeBIT Snom introduced its new line of white IP phones.

This line includes the following models: D785, D7, D735 and D715. The phones range from entry-level to high-end.

Online articles we've come across describe them as elegant and...

IP PBX appliances and software pages

IP PBX appliances and software pages

We moved all our pages about IP PBX hardware and software under respective IP PBX hardware and software menu items.

If you are searching for PBXaki, PBXact, or FreePBX appliances, you will find it here.

Similarly, PBXware, FreePBX modules and...