IPTV platform for hotels

Published February 08, 2018 11:31

Flowr Iptv Platform

You are a hotel manager and you want your hotel to stand out from the competition so you can earn five-star reviews, attract new guests and keep them coming back. To achieve all these, your service must be excellent.

Today’s guests expect that every hotel room has a TV. And rightfully so.

Imagine this situation.

A family of four from abroad, with two kids under the age of 10, makes a reservation in your hotel. At this point you collect information about their language, arrival time, and preferences about accommodation, food, service, media.

When they arrive in their room, they see on the screen a greeting message with their names, with pre-loaded cartoons for the kids in their language. Furthermore, the room service is timed to have dinner with the family’s dietary preferences addressed and delivered to the room at a pre-determined time without them having to call.

The movies, music and cable channels of the family’s preference are pre-loaded and available. Additionally, the family’s devices are compatible with your set-top box and the children can immediately play their favorite games on the in-room monitor.

FlowR, the IPTV platform from Taktik, can provide all these. And you will be happy with the admin panel as well, because it is very intuitive, straight forward and easy to use. This platform offers plug and play deployment, high level of security and integrates into your existing infrastructure.

By connecting FlowR to your billing system you allow your guests to order from room service. Since IPTV is all about interactivity, they can do this while watching the movie.

This solution can be used in other industries such as healthcare, corporate market, public and government institutions, education and sport.


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