Do data backup and upload give you a headache?

Published December 15, 2016 15:06

Do Data Backup And Upload Give You A Headache

Backing up your data can and usually is a time consuming process, especially if we are talking about large files. And if by any chance you have to do it regularly, as is the case in most companies, then the pain is real. The problem is the same no matter if the server is on cloud or is hosted in your premises.


There can be several reasons: slow Internet, shared bandwidth, firewall, IT restrictions, server limitations, ISP throttling, etc.

In case your company uses only one Internet Service Provider (ISP) the upload speed is usually much lower than the download speed. There are more users that share the same bandwidth and most of their processes need Internet. If you are uploading large files during working hours, other users will give you the evil eye.

You can wait till the end of the business hours if those files you are backing up are not expected at that moment. But what if they are? You’ll need an additional ISP.

If your company uses several Internet Service Providers you can dedicate the service with the fastest upload speed for your backup activities. This way you won’t be sharing the bandwidth with others. But, your IT guys set some restrictions in file size you are allowed to send / upload and you have some other business to do that requires uninterrupted Internet.

Even if there are no restrictions and you can freely use up all the bandwidth, you still cannot upload it faster than your single fastest ISP allows.

If you want to solve the upload speed problem, you will have to use services from more than one ISP. And that’s just the start. In order to maximize your bandwidth you would have to combine all their capabilities in a way that truly represents the sum of their parts.

Is there a way to aggregate all available ISP capabilities?

Yes. There is.

Remember Squall -- the service that maximizes your bandwidth?

How Squall Cloud Service Works

Squall service is the answer because it really ads up all available connections that your company is using. If we observe Squall service as a heart, then Squall box is the body. Squall box is a router that has one LAN and several WAN interfaces -- Ethernet, wireless, 3G.

On our Squall service page you can see how this service works and two examples how Squall service helps in everyday business activities, like sending a large email or data backup.

If you are facing problems with your Internet connection, contact us so we can solve them.


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