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is the world's first and most mature professional open standards turnkey telephony platform. Since 2003 PBXware has deployed flexible, reliable and scalable new generation communication systems to SMEs, Enterprises and Governments worldwide by unifying the most Advanced of Latest Technologies.

PBXware supports a wide range of PSTN and VoIP technologies. Creation of enhanced voicemail, ACD Queues, IVR auto attendants, conference bridges, music on hold, least cost routing, national/global voice networks, and much more all deployable as a single unit or redundant network. A real cost saving solution!

PBXware is delivered either in CD, Appliance or SERVERware delivery formats each with an easy to use setup wizard to assist you to have a functional PBX in minutes. Administration is performed through web interface or CLI.

Auto updates, system backup, provider templates, call recordings, real time call/agent monitoring are just some of the advanced features offered. We also welcome and deliver custom development in a professional and affordable manner.

  • PBXware helps branch offices communicate easily by VoIP or PSTN dramatically reducing telephone costs.
  • PBXware easily creates conference bridges between local or remote users directly saving significant amounts of time and money.
  • PBXware allows employees remote working achieving better business results.

PBXware is offered in Business, Call Center and Multi Tenant Editions each supporting specific features maximizing performance, reliability and expandability. 

Easy to setup and use with PBXware GUI

PBXware is extremely easy to setup with the setup wizard which guides the user step by step trough the installation process. Navigating trough the system managing extensions, trunks, queues, etc is also easy due to the fact that PBXware web interface is kept simple and user friendly.

Unified Communications

PBXware brings together Calls, Conferencing, IM / Chat, Faxing, Online Presence, Call Center Agents, Outlook/MS Exchange Directory, CRM integration etc.

VoIP/Analog Phones

PBXware support VoIP and traditional PSTN telephony technologies.

Standard System Features

  • Tenant(s)/Resellers(s)
  • Multiple languages
  • Simple or e164 routing mode
  • Conferences permissions
  • Remote mobile/cell extension
  • Astmanproxy/Asterisk manager
  • CDR search
  • PSTN/VoIP trunks
  • IVR auto attendants
  • Networking and branch support
  • Conferencing
  • Enhanced ACD queues
  • Music on hold
  • FAX over IP (FoIP)
  • Instant messaging server
  • Least cost routing
  • Ring groups
  • Call recording
  • Call monitor



  • Scalable proven solution
  • TurnKey solution
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Wide range of supported handsets
  • Superior support
  • Flexible delivery methods
  • Legacy compatibility
  • Easy moves


  • Lower costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Flexible hardware platforms

For detailed PBXware Features, open the PBXware Info.