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Managed Network Solutions

ClearOS is a powerful, cost-effective platform that continually challenges the expanding role of the business server in today's increasingly digital workplace. Targeted specially to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), ClearOS can reduce demand on and/or assist in optimizing deployment of your IT resources.

First Telecom, in cooperation with ClearCenter, leverages the power, security and stability of the Linux kernel and thousands of additional open-source software packages to produce a truly unique server distribution. This award-winning Gateway/Server currently protects over 118,000 registered sites and 10x more protected users, with over 20 languages in 120 countries.

Power and Flexibility All in One

ClearOS can be configured in a number of ways: as a dedicated firewall/gateway, a stand-alone file server or in a hybrid role, sometimes referred to as an Internet Appliance. Whether you need a server to host your IT infrastructure or a secure gateway to the Internet, ClearOS allows you to select the options best suited to your organization’s specific needs. With its modular, scalable approach, ClearOS can be configured to meet your business requirements today and expand to keep pace with your business needs of tomorrow.

ClearOS installs on the most pervasive hardware computing platform in use today, allowing you the freedom to select hardware to meet a wide range of applications and budgets. Able to meet the needs of the most complex network requiring multiple services, ClearOS's simple web-based interface reduces management tasks to a minimum, automates repetitive tasks and allows IT administration to be completed in less time from any location. The combined effect of these efficiencies significantly reduces the expense of IT consulting time - and potentially both.

Security is a key concern for any small business.
Whether your organization requires a firewall for your network's front line defense, an Intrusion Detection/Prevention offering secondary defense, or a Virtual Private Network for secure remote access, ClearOS will ensure that your digital assets are secure from unwanted access and easily accessible to you when you need them.

Why ClearOS from First Telecom?

Since 1998, First Telecom has a proven track record in developing secure, reliable and scalable ICT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. ClearOS is built and packaged using 100% open source software (OSS) and the OSS development model. First Telecom embraces open standards over proprietary protocols, breaking the 'vendor lock-in' paradigm to the ultimate benefit of our customers.

First Telecom is committed to continuing the evolution of the ClearOS platform.
With a minimum software end-of-life of 6 years, commercial users of ClearOShave the option of getting the most value on their initial investment or of upgrading to the most recent release in order to take advantage of new features.

First Telecom offers three levels of technical support and consulting services for any-sized project or budget. First Telecom's administrators and developers routinely respond directly to customer support enquiries and provide remote login assistance to resolve problems quickly.

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