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Stock Serializable

Companies that have warehouses are aware how important it is to track their products by their serial numbers. With this issue in mind First Telecom developed Stock Serializable module. It extends the existing Tryton Inventory Management module.

Stock Serializable introduces "Serial Number" model which stores a product serial number and tracks its current state (in the warehouse, left the warehouse, etc.).

"Serial Number" has three states, depending on the stock move

  • Draft - default state, when stock move hasn’t been completed
  • Stored - when an item reaches the warehouse
  • Completed - when an item leaves the warehouse

"Serial Number" is a part of "Stock Move" model.

For more information check the Stock Serializable wiki page.

This module is available for download on the Files tab, but first you need to Register. By registering you will have the ability to discuss any issues on our Forum and thus help us improve its functionalities.

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