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Satellite Internet Ka Band

The Ka Satellite Internet service is breaking down the barriers posed to the uncountable of households and small businesses that lack access to terrestrial broadband service.

The high bandwidth available in the Ka spectrum and frequency re-use capabilities across multiple beams enables the delivery of more capacity at faster speeds to smaller dishes - opening the door to upgraded services at lower costs for more users.

Avanti’s satellite fleet
is based on the latest Ka-band technology, which provides broadband at much higher speeds than previously available using satellite services. Thousands of homes and businesses across Europe are already benefiting from high speed internet connections of up to 15Mbps using Avanti’s infrastructure.

As an Avanti partner, First Telecom provides the local skills and knowledge to ensure that customers get the broadband internet service they need at a price they can afford, backed up by 24/7 support from our team of technical experts.


  • Generally higher frequency
  • Smaller dish
  • Generally lower latency
  • Less Expensive Equipment
  • Uses Spot Beam Technology


First satellite, HYLAS 1, was launched in November 2010 and provides two-way coverage across Europe. HYLAS 2 was launched in August 2012 and extends our coverage to the Middle East and Africa.

Hylas 1 Coverage

Hylas 2 Coverage

Coverage maps are only indicative, coverage confirmation is only possible after providing Longitude and latitude precise location.

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