Which VoIP phone to choose if you work in sales, marketing, hospitality, retail, management, or accounting?

Published May 19, 2017 09:01

Which Voip Phone Suits You

Every company has employees with different roles. Those roles require different set of skills from people who perform them. Following this analogy, the same can be said about the phones they use.

Let’s see which requirements various departments have and which VoIP phone features that meet these requirements.


D765 Hs Mm2

People from Sales departments use their phones almost all the time. Those phones have to handle high data loads. Often, sales people need to be mobile and handle multiple calls at the same time.

IP phone features: Gigabit Ethernet connection, hands-free support, call transfer, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID.

Solution: D765 desk phone, HS-MM2 headset

Retail and hospitality

M85 Closeup

People who work in retail or hospitality sector are constantly mobile so they cannot rely on a desk phone. They will need a wireless phone with a built-in DECT transceiver. Furthermore, they need to be able to know which calls are important to answer and which are not. Since they work in a busy environment, the phone must be suitable for outdoor areas as well.

IP phone features: wireless headset, caller ID, ruggedized

Solution: M85 headset


D345 Hs Mm2

Telemarketing team is on the phone all the time, so their phones need to be durable. Also, they must track the content of their calls. Similar to sales people, telemarketers need to be mobile.

IP phone features: Gigabit switch, CLI and database integration, speed dialing, hands-free support

Solution: D345 desk phone, HS-MM2 headset

Receptionist and office managers

D725 D7

These employees manage incoming calls. Depending on the number of people in the company, their phones have to support additional features like detecting the availability of a user and easy to navigate screen.

IP phone features: call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, speed dial, presence indicator, access to corporate directory, compatible with an expansion module

Solution: D725 desk phone, D7 expansion module


D375 Meeting Point

Executives need a functional and modern phone on their desks that will reflect their business role. Managers often hold conference calls and need and additional device if the number of participants exceeds the phone limit.

IP phone features: large color display, DND mode, directory, conferencing

Solution: D375 desk phone, Meeting point

Marketing and accounting

D305 Closeup

People from marketing and accounting departments do not use their phones as frequently as sales people. They need small, compact, less expensive model.

IP phone features: programmable keys, speakerphone, conferencing

Solution: D305 desk phone

Source: Telecomreseller.com


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