Unboxing PBXact UC 60

Published April 02, 2018 09:15

PBXact UC box

In the box

Ball pen for scale

PBXact UC 60 size in ball pens

There is a protective foil on the top of the device.

Cables and rack mount ears

PBXact UC 60 cables and rack mount ears

Front view

PBXact UC 60 front view

On the front side you can see VGA port, console port, 2x USBs, 3x GB network ports, and 2x PCIe slots.

PBXact UC 60 front view close-up

Back view

PBXact UC 60 back view

PBXact UC 60 back view close-up


PBXact UC 60 and A101D PCI card

This is A101D PCI Sangoma Voice and Data card on the top of the PBXact UC. It is not a part of the PBXact UC 60 box.

Since this is a PCI card and PBXact UC 60 has two slots for PCIe cards, A101D cannot be installed into the box. We took pictures only for you to see the size of it.

While we were at it, we took some more pictures - top and side view.

A101D PCI card top view

A101D PCI card side view


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