A210 WLAN USB: Adding WiFi functionality to a desk phone

Published December 14, 2018 09:59

Snom A210 WLAN USB stick

A new dongle from Snom – A210 WLAN USB – is designed for their VoIP phones from D3xx and D7xx series. It adds WLAN functionality.

Prior to this, if Snom phone users wanted to wirelessly connect their desk phones to a local network, they would have to install WLAN USB sticks made by other manufacturers. Such sticks were not specifically created for Snom phones so users faced some challenges when trying to use them. Due to incompatibility with Snom devices, these sticks caused interruptions of the local network.

Those obstacles are now thing of the past.

A210 WLAN USB stick is easy to deploy. You insert it into the USB port of your phone and quickly configure it on the phone. A210 then wirelessly connects to your WLAN and your phone is ready to use.

To be sure that A210 dongle works perfectly Snom says to use the latest version of V10 Beta-Firmware.


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