Unboxing Snom C520 conference phone

Published Δευτέρα 04 Δεκέμβριος 2017 09:51:00 UTC

Unboxing Snom C520 Conference Phone

In the box:

  • C520 conference phone
  • 2 wireless DECT microphones (back covers and batteries are packed separately)
  • 2 Ethernet cables
  • Power cable
  • PoE PSU
  • Manual

DECT microphones

C520 Dect Microphones

As mentioned earlier, back covers and batteries are separately packed.

C520 Dect Microphones And Back Covers

Cables and PSU

C520 Cables

C520 keypad close-up

C520 Keypad

Phone keypad fells very soft and comfortable. What is also comfortable and satisfying is the feeling you get when you peel off the protective cover. Our urge to peal it off was strong but we resisted. :)

An interesting thing about the cover is that the very end on the right of the red strip is not glued to the device which enables you to easily remove it. You don’t have to scratch the edge with your nails.

Ball pen for scale

C520 Size In Ball Pens


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